Clay Cookery

“Ayurveda highly recommends cooking in clay utensils for its wholesome and guaranteed health benefits. It retains the nutrition of the food, fights bacteria and also makes your food taste better.”


For healthy living, ensure healthy cooking.

Unglazed clay utensils ensure your food is nutritious & non-toxic.

Our Story

We at Pavan Corporation believe in bringing a change for a healthier lifestyle by going back to the age-old roots of using clay cookware. Our endeavour is backed by approved modern scientific research in the use of clay utensils, whose usage goes even further back from the time metal utensils were made!

What makes Clay Cookware the ideal choice for you and your family?

  • Retains 100% of nutrients during cooking.
  • Destroys bacteria.
  • Neutralizes the acidity of food.
  • Food cooks uniformly and is more flavoursome.
  • You save on gas.
  • Use anywhere – Gas stoves, Oven, Microwave!

Choose healthy living! Some changes are worth making!


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